The installation process for the Linear Shopping Experiences app automatically creates the needed metafield definitions.  You can 'pin' them for easy access on the product page in the Shopify admin.  Here's how:



Video Transcript

Hey, Scott Austin here from Jay Puma in this video, I'm going to show you how you can pin meta field definitions in your store. And this is going to be really helpful with our linear shopping experiences app, because we created a couple of definitions for you, but the app isn't allowed to pin them. So it'll make it easier for you once you pin them to edit these values on your product page in the Shopify admin. So right now, if I go to a product page and down at the bottom where it says Metta fields right here, nothing is showing up. So going back to our linear shopping experiences app, we open that up and go to our Metta fields tab. We have the ability here to open the button and see a bulk edit. Do you have our products? Which is awesome. You can add them all at one time.

Now, what we want to do is go back into our Shopify admin and go to settings. And then we're going to click on these metafields right here, and you'll see that our app is already created under products, two definitions, one for the cross-sell destination and one for the cross-sell message. So what you want to do is pin those, all you have to do is click this little icon here and you'll notice it will change from hollow to filled hollowed, to fill. And now you don't have to hit a save button and they automatically save that. So now, if I go back to that product page that I was on, refresh it and you see down the bottom here, I now have my Mehta fields for cross-sell message across all destination showing. So now I can edit them here, or you can also edit them from when the app going into the bulk edit options. So once you pin your definitions, you can edit them from within the app or within the products on the Shopify admin. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for watching.